Measure Monitor Surveillance -MMS- Waveguide Technology.

W3S Microwave Sensor Technology for Surface and Sub-Surface Structures

Welcome to W3S, a pioneering Subsurface MW Surveillance Technology company at the leading edge of industrial waveguide transmission innovation.  After years of extensive research and development, the MMS technology is being deployed on well structures to identify and measure subsurface anomalies. This revolutionary Technology using integrated microwave surface mounted passive sensors is set to redefine the methodology of subsurface data acquisition for Geo Resource applications.

Transmitting Microwaves into Wells and Pipelines

Using structures as waveguides, microwave signals of known frequency are propagated, using the principals of microwave reflectometry, to detect anomalies and features such as liquid -gas interfaces. The MW signals of known frequency and bandwidth are received at surface located instrumentation and the data analyzed using W3S Max-Well integrated analytical software.

Providing substantial decrease in:

Proven Technology

Built on a solid foundation of scientific expertise and rigorous testing, our technology has been verified and endorsed by world leading metrology Institutions and Universities. Continuing collaboration with these groups ensures that the technology is continuously being evolved and audited to meet and exceed existing industry standards where required.



Group 28

Accuracy-Repeatability- Stability (No drift)

Group 29

Low Power Requirements 24vdc. Max MW signal power output 20 milliamps

Range >1000 meters depending upon tubing size and pipe conditions

Thermodynamic variations are compensated for using W3S Max-Well software

Global data access with our remote MODBUS configured software platform. 

Sensors available for temporary Services and Permanent installations.

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Unlocking the Potential Across Industries

Oil & Gas

With our technology, you can effectively monitor liquid levels and detect scaling in oil and gas wells. This eliminates the need for traditional pressure gauges, reducing well-entry risk, enhancing safety and providing a low maintenance, cost effective solution.

Uranium Extraction

As liquid containing uranium is pumped and removed from the soil, it is crucial to monitor this process accurately. Traditionally, expensive in-well instrumentation is used for this purpose. However, we enable precise and reliable monitoring without the need for direct contact, offering a safe, cost-effective and efficient solution.

Hydro Development

Traditional methods involve the placement of instrumentation into dam walls to monitor for structural changes such as water leakage - breakthrough. measurement and structural health monitoring. Our solution simplifies this process, providing comprehensive insights, such as condition monitoring, and reducing installation complexity and costs.

Hydrogen and CO2 Storage

Storage of hydrogen and CO2 poses challenges due to the materials used, particularly chrome, and the changing states of these gases based on pressure and temperature. Our technology excels in this domain by detecting liquid/gas phase interfaces providing important data for storage management. By implementing our sensors the elimination of expensive in-well systems can be considered without compromising the safe storage of these gases.

our technology

By leveraging the capabilities of our technology, you can achieve unparalleled accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency in your specific industry. Contact us today to learn more about the potential applications of our technology and discover how it can revolutionize your operations.

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